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Doug Clark and Carol Bundy

Doug Clark considered himself the “king of the one-nights stands.” He loved sex with prostitutes, especially real young ones from LA’s notorious Sunset Strip. Carol Bundy, his girlfriend,thought that murder was fun and liked photographing hookers sucking Doug’s dick. Doug enjoyed shooting his victims as he came in their mouths. He also liked chopping their heads off. Once, for kicks, Carol applied make-up to a severed head and Doug took it to the shower for a little necrophiliac fellatio. Carol told an old boyfriend about Doug’s strange habits. When the old boyfriend threatened to tell police, Carol stabbed him to death and chopped off his head. She then confessed and blamed Doug for everything. Doug denied it and claimed that Carol and her former lover were the killers. Strangely he also begged for the death penalty and taunted the judge whenever he could. He was sentenced to death on February 15, 1983. Carol was convicted of two killings.

Blood’s A Rover…